Friday, November 26, 2004

The Pass is almost over...

Today I slept till 11:30 and it was sooo nice.... Pretty soon we will be back to business. At 1800 I have CQ till 2200. Today I bought a nice insulated flanel shirt at the PX because it is starting to get pretty cold and they wont let you mix your uniform with your civilian clothes. I also got a new video game for my computer (Halflife 2). I probably wont be playing it for a while but I wanted it and didn't know when the next chance would be to buy it. I started playing Doom3 and its pretty cool and unlike some people who cheat, I wont name any names but it starts with Bran and ends with ooper, I am going to try to go through it with out codes :). I just found a DVD of Frosty the Snow man... Crap it's only Frosty Returns... The Pizza place brings free DVD's when you order so these things are everywhere. Well since no one is online except Suzy and she is not talking to me I guess I will sign off now.


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