Saturday, November 27, 2004

Today I had some PMI training it was pretty good training. PMI stands for Primary Marksmenship Instruction. This is a photo of me in my new body armor after our training got over today. I can tell right now that it is going to be hot in the desert because I was sweating with it on today. I am going to get to qualify with the M16 and the 203 (the 203 is a grenade launcher). Anyways I said I was going to bed a bit ago and didn't so I guess I will be on a while. Hope you like the picture. Feel free to comment on my posts it will let me know people are reading this thing :)


  • That gun is awesome. They only had a M4 on Counter-Strike didn't they?

    By Blogger j, at 23:15  

  • They M4 is actually more advanced than the rifle I am holding in the picture. Don't get me wrong though, the M16 is cool especially with the 203!!!

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 18:48  

  • How do you move in all that stuff?

    By Blogger Heath, at 09:02  

  • It's pretty constricting but you can move around enough to be effective. It's pretty heavy stuff though and I don't even have the plates inserted for my IBA yet.

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 05:17  

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