Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! and for those of you that watch Horpy Torp! Last night I had a whole 2 beers woo hoo! I think those could possibly be that last two that I drink till 2006. Just kidding... I hope not anyway. Today I ate lunch with the Army Joint Chief of Staff General Meyers or whatever his name is... That was kinda cool. I had never met a 4 star general before. It kinda sucks not being home for Thanksgiving but since everyone else isn't going home it kinda just seems like the normal thing to do. I can tell it is a holiday though because there is no one on my aim list right now. I am trying to figure out a good place to upload my pictures that I have been taking... I am probably going to try the ofoto site Heath is using or maybe yahoo. Also for those of you that may have wanted to comment on my blog you can comment now I had the settings wrong. Thanks to everyone that went out of thier way to wish me a happy thanksgiving. Talk at you later...


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