Monday, January 31, 2005

Feeling good today!

I am feeling a lot better today. It seems like I have been sick for a week although its probably only been a couple days. It is a pretty nice day out. I played a couple games of sand volleyball with the guys. Now I am waiting for lunch. It's the first time I have had a good appetite for a while. Thanks for all your get well soon posts I just wish I would have had the energy to come up here to the internet center to read them :p. Anyways I leave for a Iraq in a couple days. I know where I am going and what my job is going to be when I get there finally. I am still not supposed to talk about it though. Maybe I will be able to tell everyone where we are when we get there. If not I guess I can just tell you when I get back. Something I can probably say is that we are taking some of the guys out of each section and making a new platoon. Now there are 5 platoons and we are all going to different places. So far it sounds like I am going to a good place and have a pretty easy job. I am going to get online and look up some information about the base I am going to if I can find anything. Hope you are all doing well. Will write more later.


  • I'm glad to hear your feeling better. I haven't felt well the last couple days myself. Guess I'll see how work goes today.
    Take Care Luke!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06:46  

  • Happy to hear that you are starting to feel better!
    Will be going to see grandpa in a little while & take Bogie with me. You take care Luke! Thinking of you alot! Love Ya! Grandma

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08:47  

  • Better already? Wow they must inject you with some of those military super drugs or something. LOL, seriously though, glad to hear you are getting better. Wish I could play some sand volleyball but its still too cold here. FYI - I may be moving in a couple of months. A buddy of mine is looking for a roommate. He owns a townhouse. We still have to work out a place for you fish but once that is figured out it should be a done deal. Take care, buddy.

    By Blogger Heath, at 08:59  

  • Hi Luke,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sounds like flu and all are all over the place. I love your site and go look every day to see how and what you are doing. It will be quite an experience! Hope you are not so busy we dont get to hear from you. Sand volleyball? Steve said it does not sound like the army he was in! LOL

    Aunt Tam

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21:06  

  • Hey Luke, sure glad to hear you are getting better. Maybe some sunshine will really help. I check your blog everyday to see if you have posted. We keep an eye on IM and MSN in case you are on. Haven't seen you on so figured you have probably been getting to bed early since you have been sick. Take care and contact us when you can. Miss you, Mom

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21:24  

  • HEY OOO! WHATS THE DILIO!!! Hey luke just wanted to say glad to hear your getting better and that I'm praying for ya talk to you later



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:07  

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