Saturday, January 22, 2005

Finally our first day of training.

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I did try to post a message the other day but it didn't seem to go through and I didn't realize that till now.
Anyways, we actually did something constructive today. We went out and did MOUT training at another camp here in Kuwait. We were supposed to use live paint rounds but we didn't have the equipment available to open the range so we just went through dry fire drills and stuff all day. It was pretty cool even though we have done this type of training before. We had what I believe to be an SF (special forces) guy train us today. He only went by his first name and would not tell us what he does in the military. He also had a beard and long hair which is a good indicator that he does that kind of job. He showed us a lot of useful tactics so I think it was a worthwhile day of training even though we didn't get to use live ammo. We got done at around 3pm and then I crashed untill about midnight so I got at least 9 good hours of sleeping in. I just got done with Midnight chow so I thought I would catch up on some emails and stuff... For some reason the lab is not that busy right now so that is good. Well before I start rambling I better sign off. I just want to add one more thing. I wish it wasn't so nice out over here I think I almost got sunburnt today :) jk Hope you are all staying warm back home.


  • Hey Luke...hate to tell you but today the sun was out so nice I think it was around 78 or 80 degrees....I sat out on my deck and took in a couple of ray's myself! Ha Ha Love Ya Grandma SS

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:33  

  • Hey Luke:

    Just wanted to say hi and sorry I wasn't at my computer the other day when you IM'ed me. Sounds like you're in a safe place in Kuwait, I hope I'm right. My cousin just made it back from Iraq 2 weeks ago, so we're glad. Not much new with me, just working my two jobs. I will have something cool for you when you get back that I am going to get from one of my jobs, so you'll have a little something to look forward to when you get back. :) It's something I seen and it totally makes me think of you. Take Care, and i'll write again soon. Suzy

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:49  

  • Hey Luke, Larry here, Trevor and I attempted to go cyote hunting today but the snow was blowing and drifting so bad that we thought we would try to get stuck with the Jeep. Trev and I crawled underneath and got it dug out in only 20 minutes so. we decided we better head for home. talkto ya later.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:42  

  • hey bro

    well I shoveled snow and plowed snow in freezing cold weather today so :p anyway I sold my xbox the other day because I waste to much time playing it just brought the worst in me, but with the niffty money I got from it I bought a nice pair of carheart work boots. let me tell you those babys are sweet. Water proof, oil proof, super warm and not to mention I look pretty damn sexy in them. Oh yeah I'm going to be attracting the ladies with them ;) anyway still got the PC so I can play lots of video games on it still hehe. With all the time I'm going to be saving not having an xbox I'm thinking of starting blog. We'll see anyway love you.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:41  

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