Sunday, January 23, 2005

It's a Mucky Mess here!

Yesterday I didn't get out very much. It rained all day long and I do mean all day. I think it started at about 3am because that was when I was heading to bed from the internet cafe'. It didn't stop untill about 10pm. The sand just turned to mud and there are a lot of puddles out there today. It would have been nice to have that 3rd bag that didn't make it on the plane because I had my wet weather overboots in there. My little area in our tent stayed pretty dry but a lot of other guys did not fair so well. The cloth matierial the tent is made off just soaked up the rain in no time and started dripping down in a lot of spots in the tent. They originally told us the annuall rain fall was about 6 inches but I think we got that all in one day. Anyways today the sun is out and hopefully it will dry up some of this mud. Hope you are all doing well back in the states. Just remember snow is fun :)


  • Hi Luke, Guess I'm first again! Well we did get our snow and it looks pretty ...still cold! Well guess I'll find something for supper either eggs or a hotdog, thank I'll be turning into either a chicken or a dog pretty soon! Ha Granma SS

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:30  

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