Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just got to Kuwait (yay)

I am here in Kuwait now. I had the day off and spent most of my time learning how the base I am on is run. It is kinda neat they have a small PX an internet café a pizza place and a free internet place where I can just use AKO. The internet seems really slow though. It is colder here that I thought it would be around the 60’s during the day and a lot cooler at night. I have not really seen anything off base accept for Kuwait city while we were flying in. The 747 we took was really cool it had these seats that folded down into beds up in first class it was a double decker plane and the first class seats had tv’s per seat. It was only an 11 hour flight so it was not too bad but I guess on the way home it takes longer because of the wind in the atmosphere. Anyways just wanted to let you all know I am safe and all that. If it takes this long to use the internet I may not get on it that often. I hear that if you are here in the morning it may be a shorter line so I may try that tomorrow. Well I think I am going to sign off until I can get hooked up.


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