Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Click me for pictures

I am uploading 8 pictures right now of some of the recent stuff we have done. It is going to take 20 minutes to upload pictures so I may not post too many untill I get free internet in my room or something. Right now I am in a large room filled with cots. It will be a week or 2 before I get my room and it sounds like I will probably have to share it with 9 guys so that kind of sucks. But at least it will be a more permenent home for a while. Supposedly we can get internet hooked up in the rooms for $50 a month. That may seem like a lot but if we all share the cost or at least some of us split it it will not be bad at all. I wish I could talk about our mission because it is so cool but I don't want to get transferred so I am going to keep my mouth shut. Most of you would not believe me if I told you what I am doing anyways, I know this because I would not believe myself. So anyways these pictures are only 35% uploaded. The freenet is only open from 12-12 here so I will not be able to stay up and chat online like I did in Kuwait untill I get my own connection. I guess while I wait for this to upload I could tell you that I hate combat landings. I never thought that a C-130 could manuver the way it did. I felt like I was going to throw up through the whole landing. We pretty much go in at a high angle and swerve back and forth with all the lights off on this inside and the outside of the plane. At one time I was pushed into my seat so hard I thought my brain was going to end up in my feet lol. Anyways I don't think any rollercoaster is going to hold a candle to that ride. Okay got to go anyways click the title of this Post for the pictures.


  • Hi, I just read your last post. I will be very interested to hear what it is that you are doing!@! I am so glad it is in a good place.
    We are getting some snow this morning they said we could get up to 3 more inches. I keep telling myself, it is only Feb.
    What is the weather like there warm or cold? I don't know how much you can say.
    I have to get to work take care. Love you Aunt Gayla

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:18  

  • hey luke

    cool pics can't wait to see more. I think aunt gala is lying I havn't seen any snow and I live like 20 minutes away hehe :) anyway hope all is well.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:47  

  • Gee Luke your combat landing sounds like a real thriller, bet that woke you up! Enjoyed your pictures! again grandma

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:10  

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