Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All the news happens on the same day... isn't that wierd?

Okay so today I found out some bad news or at least a bad rumor. My buddy said that Chuck had been Euthanized. Seeing as I have not seen him for a few days, it is probably true.
I got some cool pictures today... I tried to upload them like 5 times on here but couldn't get it to work. I hope I don't have this much trouble when I get the internet in my room. Don't ask me when I will have that though.
I was in one of Saddam's old bedrooms today. Got some pics of it. Got some good pictures with my team too.
Some of the newbies arrived this week. Well that is about all I can write right now.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Here's Chuck, we were playing so he is kinda in the middle of attacking my foot. I will try to get a better picture later. But isn't he the coolest! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Added a wish list to my profile

A lot of people have been asking me if there is anything I want or need. In answer to those questions I have added a wishlist in my profile. I am just going to put everything that I can't get, need, or want on it. That way if anyone wants to send me a package they can throw something off of that list in it.
You don't have to send me a care package though I just thought this would be easier than asking for stuff. Anyways its really early/late I have to hit the sack.

Lots of explosions today.

Quite a few mortars came in this morning. No word if anyone got hurt but, but noone I know got hurt. It was pretty exciting for a while there. I got my regular gunner back today. I am glad to have him back too. Some of the ones that filled in for him didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Everyone that knows the dog is now calling him Chuck. I have heard a nasty rumor that the people in charge of our base want to shoot him because they cant get rid of him. That will really tick off a lot of people, not to mention lower morale. For some reason he thinks Chuck is a threat to the soldiers... Sounds like a fun hater to me. I hope he just lets the dog be; because that will be a real bummer.

They have kicked all the Iraqis of al the bases here because we are tightening secrity for a while. I hope they get to come back soon, their shops are pretty handy to have around.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sometimes I forget.

I guess I forgot to mention the dog in previous posts, so here's the skinny... We have a dog on the FOB now he is really cool so far... He is a stray but he still likes to play and stuff. I don't know what kind he is but he is shaggy haired, white with black spots and freckles, about the size of a lab. He has been sticking around for a week or two. I try to bring him a hotdog or something from the mess hall when I am done eating he seems to be kind of picky when he eats. That seems wierd beggers can't be choosers right? I guess he is used to eating only the best trash? There are dogs where ever we go around here. Luckily they have all been pretty tame. I will try to get a picture with him when I get a chance....

In other news I got to go to the embassy the other day to get my embassy badge... That place is pretty tight on security. They almost wont let you in even if you have a military ID and they won't let your vehicle in unless it has a photo ID too LOL. It was a pretty cool building too and there was actually grass there! That extra duty that we were going to have to do seems to have been a one time thing so that's good. Our job is changing a little bit over here because of some changes with their government, but as you know I can't talk about that anyways. I found out yesterday that we are getting kicked out of our building in a month or so. I guess we have to move to the one next to us, what a pain! Anyway I think that is about all the news I have. At least the interesting stuff.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Not much has happened the last few days.

It rained a lot so I didn't try to make it to the computer lab too much. Not much for missions lately. We set up a little network for our video games and have been playing until late at night. Probably a bad idea :p It sounds like we are going to have some extra stuff added to our mission for a while. I probably can't say what it is so I will just say that it's going to be long and boring.
I met our new Commander that will be taking over in a couple weeks. Hopefully he will be a good one. The one we have right now is being extra careful and not letting us do anything because he doesn't want any incidents happening right before he leaves.
I have been bringing the dog food from the DFAC when I get done eating. Maybe I can bribe him into being my friend :) Well I am going to scrounge up some food... I missed dinner so I am getting hungry and its still a coulpe hours till supper.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wow new readers!

From the looks of the comments section, I have a few more readers than I thought. I just got back from a mission that was cancelled. Sat out in my humvee for 2 1/2 hours waiting to hear what we were doing and then we were just told to go home. Oh well sometimes I would rather be back here than actually out on missions.
We had a really exciting mission yesterday although there were a few fumbles in the navigation. Eventually we got done what we went out to do and came back. I have a temporary gunner right now so he got some of his first action yesterday. We all agree that it was a pretty good day.
I have been doing pretty good, although I am starting to get a little homesick or it could just be that I am missing American girls :p . There are a few guys that are really homesick though. I figure being single and living away from my family so long before I left probably gives me an advantage in that department. I am looking forward to coming home for leave but that is too far away to be thinking about right now.
I got my xbox back and it works better than ever now. I am thinking about putting a bigger HD in it so that I can store all my games right on the drive. Right now I can only fit 1 or 2 on it.
Well I guess that's all for now.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Good news!

A buddy of mine plugged in my Xbox into a 220 outlet the other day and blew it up. I was so bummed because not only did I lose my Xbox I lost my save games too that were on it. Now I have found a guy that can fix it AND put a mod chip in it that will make it play burnt games. For those of you that just went "huh"; that is a good thing.
I just got off a mission a little while ago and it went pretty well. I also met some Iraqi dudes that were pretty cool. I am starting to understand them better even if I don't know the words they are saying. It rained pretty hard yesterday but it's mostly dried up. I got a cool six inch pipe welded to my humvee for a push bumper. So now I can kick butt with 7 tons of steel :).
I decided to reup yesterday. I am signing on for another 6 years. I am getting $15,000 tax free bonus up front too so that is a plus. I really like what I am doing here so I thought I would stay in the army for a while. My end date for my first enlistment was Feb 24 so I thought since I was goign to be in for at least another year anyways I might as well stay in right? lol

Thursday, March 03, 2005

So far so good.

Things are going well here in Baghdad. They weather is great right now. Starting to get a little tan... They made a new rule a while back where we have to wear safety glasses anytime we are outside. So if anyone wants to send me some cool glasses that would be greatly appreciated. maybe some shooting glasses or something. I have some dark lense glasses that I can wear during the day but some yellow, amber, or green lensed glasses are what I need. I just found out that I have 5 minutes left in the lab here so I better cut this short... Hope all is well back home.

Thanks for the gmail invite Brandon

New email soon!!!

Hello everyone I just wanted to let you all know that I may be discontinuing my yahoo! Mail account soon. Those of you that use my AKO (army email address) don't have to worry about this message. Just be sure to stop emailing me at my yahoo account. If you want my new email address it is Please delete from your address book as I will stop using it soon. Feel free to send me an email to my gmail account. This will help me to add your addresses.
I know it is a pain when people change their email addresses but I wanted to do this for many reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope to hear from you all soon.