Wednesday, March 23, 2005

All the news happens on the same day... isn't that wierd?

Okay so today I found out some bad news or at least a bad rumor. My buddy said that Chuck had been Euthanized. Seeing as I have not seen him for a few days, it is probably true.
I got some cool pictures today... I tried to upload them like 5 times on here but couldn't get it to work. I hope I don't have this much trouble when I get the internet in my room. Don't ask me when I will have that though.
I was in one of Saddam's old bedrooms today. Got some pics of it. Got some good pictures with my team too.
Some of the newbies arrived this week. Well that is about all I can write right now.


  • I sure hope the news about Chuck is only a rumor. What are they thinking? Do they think Chuck was implanted with some kind of spy transmitter - & trained only to eat army food? I doubt it.... I'm bummed - hope to hear it was only a rumor. --- Aunt R

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17:46  

  • yeah that better be a rumor. anyway pictures were awesome

    By Blogger Clayton R. Port, at 23:08  

  • Sure hope you get good news & it was just a rumor! Neat you can send us pictures....I always wondered what his bedroom looked like! Ha Take care! SS Me

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:50  

  • Well, he may have just found a new home. I understand there are lots of stray dogs there, wonder if there are any cats? Stay Safe. Appreicate your posts.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 12:45  

  • U havn't been posting anything bro :(

    By Blogger Clayton R. Port, at 18:06  

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