Saturday, April 23, 2005

Wow is it hot today!!!

I thought yesterday was hot. I was talking to my brother last night on MSN messanger and he was telling me it was below 50 degrees back home and raining. I told him it was 102 here during the day. He replied "I would have killed for half that." (So would I...) Today is even hotter than yesterday at 107. I found a website with forcasts for Baghdad and it looks like it is going to cool off in the next few days and by Wed. it should be in the mid 70's.
107 is actually unseasonably hot for this area. I guess I shouldn't complain though because it will be even hotter this summer. Still it is a cooker. Just walking to lunch chow in my PT's was bad enough.
We have had the internet up and going for a few days now, although it is not fully working to capacity. The guy that sold it to us is supposed to come here and realign the dish which will hopefully help the speed. Right now my messanger programs work pretty good and I am able to surf the web slowly. It will be nice when it it is full speed though.
Ever since we got it set up I have been helping people with thier computers. I really should get paid for this because I don't get any free time to use my computer because I am always fixing someone elses. One guy did actually offer to pay and some of the guys realize that I am pretty busy helping them. But I am not going to make anyone pay because I would want someone to help me if I couldn't get my computer to work and I couldn't talk to my friends and family back home. I offered to install the army version of Norton Antivirus on everyones computer because it is free to soldiers when we first started this. No one wanted it for one reason or another. Now it seems that everyone that didn't have it has viruses on thier computers and they want me to fix them. I wish they would understand that a little PMCS (preventive maintenace checks and services) would go a long way on thier computers. It is a lot harder to get rid of a virus after infection than to just block it in the first place. I have my computer update its protection daily so hopefully I won't have any problems.
We got to go to a small arms range yesterday and test our weapons. I was glad to know that my weapon still fires :). I wish we were eble to test fire them everytime we left the FOB but I guess because we are in town that is not allowed. I don't know why we don't have a range on our FOB there is plenty of room for it.
Well it doesn't look like they are going to put a new bathroom in our building. I don't know if I mentioned that they were planning to or not. I guess it doesn't matter since it doesn't look like it is going to happen. We did get a new shower trailer though. It is a big one with 12 showers and 12 sinks and this one even has a bench to set your stuff on (bunus!)


  • just lucky enough to find your blog for the first time tonight. Good to see you still have your sense of humour about are on vacation afterall :)

    Be well and safe, thanks for all you do! I look forward to reading more!

    By Blogger, at 00:17  

  • 107 degrees - wow! I am not sure I have been in conditions that hot. Not often if I have. Every little effort seems like it's too much work then, huh? Don't forget your sunblock, etc.! --- Aunt R

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:02  

  • What a nice guy. I have a brother who didn't 'bother' with anti virus programs or spyware programs or even utilizing his auto MS updates. WEll - he found out what happens. lol He now does all three.

    By Blogger Toni, at 07:19  

  • luke,
    i do miss talking to you and actually got off my ass and sent ur letter last week. hope u get it by next week. email me or im me and let me know what u want to know about me, or i am left to write about silly stuff that may bore you. i hopoe that u can get into my computer sometime over there,ill give ya my info to logg into minw and maybe u can get my aol antivirus and stuff working. im not reall smart with pc's, but i know that u are really into it--just lemmie know ehn u get the time after u fix everyone else's. hope u can do it over there from over here. i a on a very limited buget, but if u quote me, i can make u a samll payment each month--trust me, wont be more than 5 or 19 a month, but i will keep paying till u get what u wnat for helping secure my computerr.
    as always, i am infatuated with reading ur blogs, and i must write more about my stuff. i have alot to be thankful for this week,. and god has beeen inteceeding in my life so much that i know he is gonna kep me away from the devils ways. i hope my hope and faith is strong enough and i dont fall into those wicked ways i ince went through. could u write about ur telationship and beliefs of god, and ur relationship with him. i thirst so much for more knowlegde and love hearing all about everyone alse's ideologies and beliefs, and i will write in my blog sooon about how hes been =interceeding in my life.ok---maybe i should enail all that so that u an read about it intead of breifly having it here tp read. maybe ill do both. as always im enchanted with reading ur blogs nd always awaiting ur next one
    love your friend in pa
    michelle lynn

    please stay safe sweetie!!!! hugs from here when u git a bad day, a hand to wioe away the tears when u cry, a kiss when u need to know ur a, loved men because ur great/ a smile to smile back on ur great days---hug upon hugs to tell u its ok to be afraid and pain will go away soon. stars to wish upon in that sky as i wish for your safety, and pray u get all ur wishes... snuggles when lonliness creeps in, and last but not least, an ear to listen when u just need a good friend, all i send to you
    always me---a cute ll geek
    michelle lynn

    By Blogger michelle lynn, at 21:01  

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