Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Did I just write this?

I got some really good packages this week. A couple days ago I got that game I have been wanting from my friends back home. I haven't got to play it as much as I would like yet... mainly because the first attempt I made to play it ended when the power went out :( No big deal I am getting used to it. It is funny to hear the curses from the new guys down the hall whenever that happens.
I didn't mind so much this time. I just broke open a chem light and lit a couple candles and started reading more of "The Gunslinger". I just got this book 2 days ago and am 2/3 done with it. For me that is amazing... I am flying through it... I don't mean to break any of my old English teachers' hearts, but this is like the first actual book I have read and I am now 26 years old LOL. I am not ashamed to say it. I have always had trouble with reading ever since I was little. It is weird how things change... I guess I can't say I have never read a book, but the longest book I have ever read is probably "The Time Machine" and its not a fraction of "The Gunslinger" in length.
It's funny now looking back I am a totally different person than I was when I was younger. I think I had A.D.D. but they just didn't have a common name for it then. I am sure that if I were to go back in time to meet with myself, "Little Luke" wouldn't even recognize me and not because I look to different (other than a few stress/laugh lines) but because I am a completely different person inside for the things I have done and seen. I should point out that I am not talking about the war changing me either because it hasn't or at least I haven't experienced any "major" life changing events... yet. I am just rambling anyway I am sure everyone experiences these same thoughts at some point in their life.

Back to reality...

I got to see Episode III of Star Wars tonight in the auditorium on the FOB... It was an excellent movie way better than the first two disappointing episodes as I am sure all the critics are saying. They could have shown more of Natalie Portman if you ask me though ha ha. She reminds me of a girl I dated once. She looks like her that is. Can't say that I know Ms. Portman or anything. But hey, maybe someday she will google herself and find her mention in my blog and want to meet me. Hey, anything can happen.


  • Hi, I am Theresa from NYC via Missouri, I read your blog every day and enjoy it greatly. If you are flying thru the "Gunslinger" I just hope you have the rest of the series at the ready....I am about to start "Songs of Susanna" Which is the sixth in the Stephen King series....its his best!!
    Stay safe and enjoy escaping into the the world of the Roland of Gilead!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06:48  

  • Hahaha, good luck meeting Natalie Portman! (See, typed it again so it'll show up on google even more.) ;)

    I think it's pretty normal to suddenly realize your not who you thought you were, I hope it is at least.

    It's awesome your reading "The Gunslinger" and enjoying it so much-- hopefully you have another book of the series at the ready.

    Stay Safe! :)

    By Blogger Crissy, at 07:28  

  • The Dark Tower Series rocks man. Remember I have the rest of the books if you want to borrow them, but if I remember right you should already have books 2 & 3 on CD. Can't believe you got to see Star Wars III already. I haven't even seen that yet. Supposed to see it with my team from work on Thursday though. Take care little brother.

    By Blogger Heath, at 10:02  

  • FYI.....

    I know you were all dying to know, so I had some spare time (you know the 8 hrs. I am at work) So, I googled Natalie Portman - sorry but out of 2,970,000 results I could not find this page anywhere.
    Luke, I think you need to try a little harder if you want her to find you.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:46  

  • Hi Luke, I remember little Luke. He was a sweetheart and still is:) Embarrassed yet? Yup this is Mom. Enjoy the book and look for the next one. Its easy to get hooked once you get started. Going to look for you online now. Later, Love, Mom SS

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07:42  

  • Ok Luke, speak to us. Has the Internet been sabotaged? I miss hearing from you, Lar C.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:11  

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