Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Looks like I am not going to get much sleep

Five minutes after I published that last post we got a mission. I had to kick my guys out of bed and we had to get moving cause we had to leave in 15 minutes. We got ready in record time. Just about the time the first truck was pulling out we got the word to stand down. Man! I think someone is just messing with me today.
Some of the other guys from my company are here today so I got to visit them for a while. It is nice to see them it's almost like a taste of home for some reason.


  • Gee Luke after reading your last two Blog's I just don't know! I hope things get better over their! It got pretty darn cold here last night! Take care! Get your rest when you can! SS/Love G/ma

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19  

  • Luke - you're too cute when you're sleep deprived. I enjoy your blog, you have some funny postings. Keep your spirits up and never make any decisions when you are too tired to think. I'm posting something in my blog to bring a couple people over to give you a visit.

    By Blogger Toni, at 13:07  

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