Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Running on no sleep

Last night shortly after my roommate and I fell asleep. We were woke up by my half asleep squad leader telling us that he needed to see our weapons... This happens when someone loses their weapon. Don't ask me how looking to see that everyone else has their own weapon finds the moron's that lost his. I don't know if that sentence made sense but you know what I mean. Apparently one of the guys from the wonderful unit we are attached to lost his weapon and we had to suffer along with them... It is funny when the unit that you are attached to that usually hardly counts you as a platoon when it comes to supporting you all the sudden remembers you when there is stupid stuff like that to do.
Then, I had just gotten back to sleep and I got a knock on my door again "Health and Welfare inspection" I was like "You have to be kidding me..." So we get up and my squad leader reluctantly searches our room for any contraband we might have stashed away. I only wish I had something I wasn't supposed to have mainly alcohol cause I probably would be drinking it right now considering how crappy a night I had. So after that was all said and done I went to bed yet again.
I didn't even fall asleep this time cause I couldn't get comfortable before my squad leader came in again... (it was probably an hour and a half later about 0545) "Sorry guys I just like messing with you." Obviously he used a more colorful word in there and was being sarcastic. Even he was getting annoyed by having to get up so often. He then explained to us that we had to go out and search for the missing pistol that had still not been found out in an area of the FOB that I don't think I have ever seen anyone walk before. Obviously it was going to be a waste to go out there but we did it anyways... So we take this half mile, hands across the desert, walk down and back shuffling our sorry feet the whole way, making comments about the stupidness of the situation, cause we are all getting ridiculously P.O.ed at this point.
Obviously we didn't find anything I don't know if they have even found the weapon yet. It is probably in the guys room and he just didn't look hard enough for it before he said it was gone. Either way he should have never lost it... All you have to do is put a lanyard on it and attach it to your belt. The only time mine ever comes off my side is when I am doing PT, showering, or sleeping. It is things like this that make my platoon look bad... Even though we are not the ones that do stuff like this we are attached to the unit that is. There have been many even stupider things that they have done and we get lumped into the consequences by association. I probably shouldn't even comment on those things though. It just really ticks me off that anytime they do something wrong. The blame falls on everyone including us, but when something good happens, they take all the glory. Granted they are doing a lot of good things for themselves that affect us like getting new bathrooms put in etc., but if it was just our platoon that needed new bathrooms; we would never get them.
Anyways I just had to get that off my chest. I drank a Red Bull energy drink this morning at chow and I am all fired up I guess lol. Speaking of that on the way to breakfast today I noticed that the wind was so strong last night it bent the metal supports on the welding tent that the contractors us. It tore a couple of the legs right out of the ground and they were cemented down. I thought about going back out there and taking pictures of it but I really am starting to feel tired again from lack of sleep. I am going to like reading this one later to see if it even makes sense. I think I am going to go back to bed... Hopefully we don't have a mission anytime soon.


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