Wednesday, June 29, 2005

OP yet again

Another long night at the Observation Point (OP). I have only had to be out in the tower a hand full of times now... it is kind of a pointless detail to get put on. There really isn't anything out there and if there was we would know by radio before we actually saw anything. There is a highway right below the tower on the other side of the wall and it is enclosed on both sides by 12 foot walls. I stare into a field on the other side of the highway over the wall all night and it is full of weeds and sand because nothing else can grow here. It is all closed off by 12 foot walls also... No doubt the site of the new Wal-mart Super Center. Of course occasionally you can hear the feint pop of gun fire or sometimes even a .50 Cal rap off some rounds. Sometimes you even hear explosions, or just hear something that sounds like thunder, out there, outside the international zone. I wish it were thunder cause that could mean rain. I don't know if I will get lucky enough to see the rain again here. I guess if I did stay here long enough to see the rain again that wouldn't make me that lucky it would just make me here longer.
I think if I wasn't so bored all the time and higher would stop jerking us around it would be a lot easier to stand and I would even stay here longer. I have decided to wait until the end of my deployment to decide if I want to stay in the guard or not. There are a lot of good things that the guard has done for me but it could be time to move on. Only time will tell what I will actually do. By the way if anyone else tries to tell me they want to convince me to get out I think I will stay in just for fun. This is a decision I can make on my own and I already know what everyone else wants me to do. So unless I ask please don't comment on it.

I can't wait to get home for a while and that is less than 2 weeks away!

Pool Party!

Here is a picture from our trip to the pool on our last day off. Don't worry we didn't swim like that...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Woah too much work! Not

Here is a recap of the last week or so. Went to the pool a couple days. Laid out tanning a couple days. Eat food and sleep. Believe me? Well don't worry folks your tax money is being spent well. It's kinda like being in the fire department for me here. The fire department isn't always working unless there is a fire and I am not always firing unless there is work. Well, something like that... Not that I am firing at anything but I couldn't probably tell you if I was.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today is my birthday!

Yep I am now officially 27. Although this year my birthday came 9 hours early ha ha. Some of my buddies brought me back a piece of cake from the D-FAC and put some candles in it and sang happy birthday :) so that was pretty cool. SGT Ballard got me a squirrel that blows bubbles... I thought it was going to be an Ipod. Damn.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My leave dates are official!

I should be coming home between July 12-29. So no more asking me when it will be. :p

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I am in a particularly good mood today. I am a little bored this afternoon but that's probably a good thing. I am trying to start exercising since I haven't really done any this year. Me and SPC Delgado ran 2 miles 2 days ago. That doubles the amount of miles I have run this year haha. The only other time I ran was during my PT test. I think the last time I ran regularly was when I was in basic training 6 years ago. I ran the 2 miles with Delgado in 12:59 without trying. Not that this is something to brag about but considering I haven't ran for real for 6 years I would say it's pretty good. Maybe I should get back into running and do some road races when I come home.
My birthday is in less than a week and I have already started to get some cards. Thanks for thinking of me over here guys! Oh, that reminds me, I found one thing that I would like in a package if someone wants to send it. SPC Owen got these Keebler Soft Batch cookies. (I think that's what they were called) Anyway you put them in the microwave for a couple seconds and they taste like homemade cookies from the oven. They were awesome!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just to give you an idea about the heat

I heard it was pretty hot back home these days from a few different people now. It is a little hot here too. Today it was about 116 and tomorrow it will be around 118. However, it should cool off the next few days and be around 109 that will be great! It is so hot out right now that you feel like you are in an oven even when you are in the shade. Why do people live here?

Maybe its time to pull out

Not only do we have to deal with the "GREEN ZONE COPS" (anyone else have the pleasure of dealing with these pseudo-soldiers yet?) trying to bust us for speeding but we just got a list of 11 new policies that are not only going to make our lives miserable, but are probably going to hurt more soldiers than help them. The pencil pushers and desk jockeys must have finally rotated into Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This post was meant to be humorous. So if you can't take a joke don't read my blog.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I think I was traded a lemon.

Five minutes before we rolled out the gate this morning my truck threw its serpentine belt. How many things can go wrong with one truck? We had to scramble to get another truck ready and meet the rest of the platoon because they had to leave without us. Anyway, we got back to the FOB and pulled the truck back to maintenance to get it worked on and they were like "No problem that will only take 15 minutes." They should have waited to say that until after they pulled what was left of the old belt off. They couldn't seem to find a new belt to put on it. An hour or so passes buy before they get it up and running again. I am glad we didn't have to rely on the 15 minutes they told us or some people would have been real angry with us...

Hopefully within the next few days I will find out if I get to go on leave next month or not. I don't want to get my hopes up for it but I really would like to go home for a while. I haven't got to talk to a lot of my friends and family for a long time.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


I was going to comment on playing dodgeball yesterday, but since SGT Ballard already did. You should go to his blog instead :). He even put up a few pictures. By the way when he comments on my getting hit in the face and still catching the ball after it bounces up in the air 20 feet. It really was that awesome.

Friday, June 10, 2005

My new truck is awesome as far as crappy trucks go :p

I don't know if I mentioned that I have a different truck now. I had to switch with someone else because of the equipment this one has installed. Anyhow, this one does have it's good points being faster than my old one is a plus. However, the rearend went out and is in the middle of getting fixed, which will be a while because the part it needs is nowhere in the green zone. So now its in maintenance jacked up for a few days. We had the day off today so we installed one of the new better turrets. The previous posts were some of the pictures from this morning.

The finished product... I can't believe that took 3 1/2 hours.

CPL Catour bolting the hand crank on the new turret. He was afraid his hair looked bad in this picture. Who is he trying to impress? hmmm...

Me taking a quick break from the 150,000 degree heat.

SPC Salmon right before the locking mechanism on the turret fell off and hit him in the nuts. He wasn't smiling for long after this picture.

Dr. Port says "I diagnose this truck with major problems."

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Sad News...

Last night the inevitable happened. My unit sustained it's first casualty of the war. I know I am not a good writer and couldn't begin to write about what happened. So I'm not going to try.

If I see any articles in the news about it I will post the links here.

Monday, June 06, 2005


SGT Ballard has some pics of the sand storm last night on his blog... I recommend checking out his blog he seems to actually be updating it lately :p. Plus he is one of my buddies from my unit and lives accross the hall from me.

Here is the link to his blog:

My 18 month vacation to the beach

It is also on the right side of my page if you ever need it again.

Today was a long day of cleaning out A/C units and dusting stuff off. Every time we hit a bump now in the Truck dust comes out of the A/C vents... Got to love that!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Quick Update!!!

This is the worst sand/dust storm I have seen yet! If anyone gets pictures from tonight's dust storm let me know. There will probably be some cool pictures circulating tomorrow. You cant even see 30 feet outside my building.

Can You Dig It? that was our team name... yeah, we rule.

This is Abbey and Tommy

I need a vacation from this vacation.

I have been not been very motivated to post on my blog lately. I am not even sure when the last time I posted was. I am sure its been a while.
So I guess I should update what I have been doing lately...
In no particular order...
Today I wrote a $10,000 check! I did kinda write it to myself though I guess :). The army has this savings plan for activated soldiers that gains 10% interest. I would be a fool not to put into it. I should have done it a long time ago but procrastination killed the cat. I know, I know, you think it was curiosity that killed the cat but I think procrastination could kill it to... like if you were to procrastinate feeding it. Just kidding (but not really LOL). Man, I don't like cats. It doesn't help that I am allergic to them.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but when I got activated I moved back in with my parents to save money and visit before I left for here. They have 2 dogs Abbey and Tommy. Abbey is a girl black lab and she is the most lovable dog I have ever been around, and I have been around a lot, because my mom used to raise dogs when I was a kid. I think at one time we had 30 dogs in the kennel counting puppies. Tommy is a Jack Russell and he is nuts but very smart and fun to play with. They both love me and I miss them. I wish that the army would change its policy because it would have been nice to have a mascot like Chuck, God rest his soul :( Well I guess you can tell I am a dog person...

Back to what I have been doing...

We had a volleyball tournament on Memorial day weekend. My team one woo hoo!!! I will upload a picture of the team with our trophy.

I finished the video game I have been playing the last few days. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords... Man that game took forever to beat. It was really fun though, I got into it. I like those kind of games because it is like watching a movie that you are part of. No one really wants to play multi player games here so that kinda sucks... This is definitely a different crowd than I am used to. Most of my buddies back home love playing video games with each other. Most of these guys probably have never played a multi player game other than Halo in their lives. So I am stuck playing games by myself.

They guys are getting together to play dodge-ball and there is supposed to be a tournament for it but it already doesn't seem like it is going to be any fun. Dodge-ball is about whipping a ball at someone for fun... they are trying to put all sorts of stupid rules into it and I keep hearing "The way we used to play was" anyways I don't feel like playing now, unless they play every man for themselves :).

I don't think I like team sports too much. I always liked Cross Country and Track I know they add up your points at the end and see if your team won, but everyone knows its all about yourself in those sports and if you did bad you only had yourself to blame. I think thats why I did so well in those sports back in the day. I knew that if I was going to win I had to do my best all the time and not rely on my teammates to carry me to victory. Thats probably a bad way to think about it psychologically but it only made me stronger.