Sunday, June 19, 2005

My leave dates are official!

I should be coming home between July 12-29. So no more asking me when it will be. :p


  • Congrats - have a great leave!

    Not only Americans are cheering for you.

    My name is Fred Moore and I live in Canada!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05:57  

  • Believe it when you see it LC.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08:57  

  • Woo-hoo!!! How exciting! Have a blast!

    By Blogger Michelle, at 11:14  

  • Great News Luke!!! Left a message for your Mom & Dad /they said they would relay it! Best of Luck!
    SS ....Love G/ma

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:53  

  • CONGRATS! Hope we all get to see you! Maybe a cook out or something.

    A. Tam and Steve

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05:17  

  • Happy Birthday!! (on time I hope) Your card will be late -realized I should have mailed it on my vacation. We are so happy you are getting your leave & looking forward to seeing you soon!! A.Rhonda & U.L.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13:57  

  • Well that is great news, and maybe the weather will cooperate by staying below ninety degrees.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 09:09  

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