Saturday, June 25, 2005

Woah too much work! Not

Here is a recap of the last week or so. Went to the pool a couple days. Laid out tanning a couple days. Eat food and sleep. Believe me? Well don't worry folks your tax money is being spent well. It's kinda like being in the fire department for me here. The fire department isn't always working unless there is a fire and I am not always firing unless there is work. Well, something like that... Not that I am firing at anything but I couldn't probably tell you if I was.


  • Hey,

    Enjoy is a blast, dull and boring most of the time.

    But moments of abject terror make up for long periods of dull.

    Trust me.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

    By Blogger Papa Ray, at 13:06  

  • Now tell the truth is it a "real" pool like one of Saddam's or just a great big tub of water. LoL, stay cool and safe.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 23:02  

  • Happy Birthday, dude. I have socks older than you> heh. Take care w/check back on by and by. It is scheduled to be close to a 100 and the old duffers on the course will be crying here. Heh, heh.

    By Blogger Jack Burton, at 16:14  

  • Lying by the pool & getting a tan is just what I want you to be doing - I will pretend that's all you're doing over there for a few more days.... A. Rhonda

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23:35  

  • Hey Luke,
    Happy belated birthday! Heard the good news that you have leave. Can't wait to see you :)


    p.s. my blog is for my!

    By Blogger Linda T., at 13:17  

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