Sunday, July 10, 2005

Last Day Before Leave

My team From left to right: SGT Port (me) - Team Leader, SPC Salmon - Driver, CPL Catour - Gunner

This was from 10JUL2005 on my last mission before I go on leave. I am going to start making my way home tomorrow or today if you consider that it is 0045. I can't wait to see green grass and clear skys again. All we have here is sand on the ground and dust in the air...

I still don't understand why anyone would want to live here.


  • Good picture LJ. I take it you are left handed for Catour's sake.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16:04  

  • Yeah I am left handed because it makes for a rad picture :)

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 16:15  

  • Finally you get to come home!!Won't even seem like you're in the same world compared to what you're leaving. Better look at any green grass you can after you touch down in the U.S. - can't guarantee any around here unless we get a bunch of rain while you're home. A. Rhonda

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22:44  

  • Try bare feet on grass, that's always a good feeling. Have a great leave and get some well-earned rest. We really need you and appreciate your sacrifice. God bless.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 08:24  

  • Wow, that's such an awesome picture!

    I really hope your able to enjoy your time back at home-- what am I saying, of course your going to! ...Planing on keeping us updated on your Vacation in America? LOL

    A huge thanks again to you for what your doing. :)

    By Blogger Crissy, at 22:25  

  • Hoooyah! be safe and have an awesome time! Great pic too!

    slainte! blessings!

    By Blogger, at 22:36  

  • Glad you are finally headed home for a break. Won't see much green grass, except for those who have been lucky to have rain. My grass is brown. Hope to see you when you get back.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:58  

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