Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Haven't been in the mood to post lately... Reason #1

I haven't been in the mood to post on here lately. Although, there were a couple times when I was going to post or would have posted but for some reason out of my control I was unable to.
I guess there is a little bit to catch up on now. First I want to post that article that I mentioned in the last post:

Peeved over pet peeves

For those who would have me remove my sunglasses from my head; for those who fought soldiers to have backpacks (even Camelbaks) removed from the dining facility; for those who fought the wear of the booney cap; for those whose main concern was the wear of the physical training uniform in the gym; for those who would have National Guard units remove their state flags from the Pods; and for those who are concerned about what we wear on our way to the latrine, you are the problem.

Not one of the above rules will help me accomplish my mission flying troops over Iraq any more effectively. Not one will lift anyone’s morale, nor make them a soldier who is better at what they do, nor make anyone of us any safer.

Those pet peeves are the work of idle hands.

We will remember those pet peeves when the deployment is over and the stop loss lifts. I may remember those rules with my feet and maybe I’ll take the rest of the pilots with me.

That’s not a problem, right? The Army doesn’t need us.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rob Erlick
Logistics Support Area Anaconda, Iraq

This guy wrote what 99% of us are thinking. Everything he talks about in this letter to the editor of Stars and Stripes are the types of things that me and my fellow bloggers from my platoon calls "Stupid Rules" and that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway... for a totally different subject. When I was on leave I went to Six Flags in Gurnee to the new water park they have there. The weather had been hot (upper 90's) since I got home and from what everyone tells me it has been hot a long time apparently there is a drought in the Midwest if you haven't heard :p. I had a feeling though, since we planned this day in advance it would rain - considering all my vacations or planned days to be outdoors are rained on. I can't remember one time in the past where I have went on a trip or planned a picnic or went camping where it hasn't at least rained enough to ruin the day. Maybe I am cursed? I can just picture an exgirlfriend getting together with her friends to put a hex on me... you know... the kind where they gather round a glitter filled garbage can lighting pictures of me on fire and tossing them in it while praying to Princess She-ra not She-ra from the Masters of the Universe... the goddess of revenge or something to ruin any of my fun and maybe they had her had a touch of motion sickness too.

Sorry, thinking out loud... I do that in person too

Anyway it rained the whole day we were at the water park which wouldn't have been bad by its self but it got down to 66 degrees too, which is 66 degrees cooler than I have been used to... or so.
All that just to tell you why I think I got sick when I was home and felt like crap for the first week I was back. (Reason #1 that I haven't posted)


  • On the stupid rules, I sympathise with you, but remember the "Gray Man" rule.

    And btw, I really do understand as I'm one of the supporters of your unit. As an example of the stupidity that I've come face to face with, is over the Under Armour Heat Gear T-Shirts. Got a request some time back for some of those in XL size, so I went out and picked up (overall) 11 sets of XL size Under Armour Heat Gear for you guys who go outside the wire to wear under your uniforms. Now, these t-shirts are around $25 a pop, but hey, that's the going rate & that's what you got to pay to play.

    The only color they were available in (XL size) was BLACK (I knew better than to get Red or White, and Army Brown simply was not available anywhere I went) - and I went multiple places here in the 'burbs.

    The Under Armour stuff just rocks, and when you are in 120 degree temp & then carrying 25+/- pounds of body armour on top of that, well, anything that makes life just a touch easier is a really good thing.

    Now, I come to find out that some suits are telling you guys that the Under Armour is non-regulation or some such equivelent (unless it's Army Brown, which WE CAN'T FIND! & isn't available in the stores, and you can't wear tbe BLACK Under Armour T-Shirts we sent over. It's like your leadership over there would rather have you guys come down with Heat Exhaustion (or worse) than allow you to have your undergarments be non-military. Must be real fun having to deal with the "Underware Police".....

    God knows, we need you guys to re-enlist & stay in the IL NG, but with this type of crap being pulled and happening in a combat zone, I can see why you and lot's of others would tell them "See Ya". :(

    Art & TEAM!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:43  

  • Who in command can we supporters complain to? I'm ready to write a letter.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 13:57  

  • Sorry to hear you got sick :(. Hopefully when you get back we can go snowboarding! At least if it snows its a good thing :P. Hope you are feeling better.

    By Blogger Heath, at 15:57  

  • What is it they say? Write your congressmen??? I guess that’s a start. But if you do please don’t refer to my blog or bloggers in general because that will just bring more heat down on us. It seems like more milblogs are getting shut down all the time because of any little reason they can find.

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 23:24  

  • Remember you will have an awesome streak in your life again - it won't always be crap... A.Rhonda

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:55  

  • I think it's awesome that anyone would go out and try to help our troops survive in the miserable conditions that go with the heat in Iraq. It does seem very, well, insane, that someone would prevent any soldier from using something so PRACTICAL, esp since black and brown are nearly the same color ....

    However, the other things that strike me as odd are that:

    a) Why doesn't someone contact the Under Armour Heat Gear t-shirt manufacturer and ask them if the shirts are available in an acceptable color?

    b)If they are not available in army tolerable colors, why NOT?? Surely they have noticed that there is a spike in the demand and that the color would likely be well received by the customers of their product, not only army brown, but all other law enforcement agencies with brown uniforms?

    c)While I can understand white for a t-shirt under a uniform, why on EARTH is the company making one in RED??? I may be missing something here being a woman and a civilian, but isn't red with body armour kind of like painting a flag on yourself that says "Hey, I'm over here -- shoot at ME?" At first I thought, well, maybe a fire dept? But there, only the trucks are red!

    I'm hoping that my congressman not only listens when I write, but at the polls this fall. (and my congressman is a medical doctor in TX -- would think he would know about heat exhaustion/heat stroke)

    God bless all of you that are in the literal and figurative heat in Iraq and around the world away from home, in unsafe places. I hope that someday, we put the leaders of groups that have problems with one another in an empty room and tell them not to come out until they have found a solution that works. Until then, thank you for all that you do, all that you risk, and all that you contribute to a job that is certainly not 9 to 5!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01:03  

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