Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Platoon Picture Time!

Here is a picture of my platoon we took this morning out in our motorpool. If you know what I look like you can find me in the front row. A couple guys aren't in the picture because they are on leave but this is us... Yeah we're hardened war vets... jk


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    By Blogger justme88, at 14:43  

  • Great pic! Are you getting current news? The numbers now could be in the thousands of lives lost in the hurricane here. Stay safe!

    By Blogger ahunter_1, at 15:11  

  • Oh and are you second from the left?

    By Blogger ahunter_1, at 15:13  

  • No. Sorry, that news sucks... I don't get news unless I make it a point to find it. When I posted those were the numbers on the web.

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 15:36  

  • Yeah, the mayor of New Orleans is saying there are a lot of bodies floating in the water and they are predicting hundreds to thousands more in attics because they got trapped there when the flood came in and couldn't get out.

    By Blogger Heath, at 19:36  

  • Yes I am second from the left.

    By Blogger SGT Port, at 15:29  

  • can't look for you...too busy staring at the hunk in the middle! so glad you got a chance to take a nice pic of all of you! great memories. thanks...keep up the great work!

    By Anonymous mrs. ballard, at 00:04  

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