Friday, September 02, 2005

Quick Sand?

SGT Ballard stomping in the sand...

This is not water or mud this is just really dry sand that is about the consistancy of baby powder... This is pretty much why we have dust storms constantly here.


  • That's a neat lookin' pic. Caught it at just the right moment.

    By Blogger ahunter_1, at 17:34  

  • WoW!

    By Blogger Politics of a Patriot, at 18:56  

  • Hi Luke.....Hope all is A OK there!
    Quite a picture! Enjoy your Post and what you are doing for us!!
    Please SS and Love you g/ma
    p.s. Very quite around here this Holiday Weekend!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20:33  

  • Just wanted to say hi..nice to see you put a great pic of a wonderful guy up (well more than wonderful, but you don't need to hear all the mushy stuff!) That sand is crazy! Thanks for the neat pic! So glad to hear you are all doing a great job. Keep Jeff busy...gotta keep that time moving fast! Have safe.

    By Anonymous mrs. ballard, at 23:54  

  • Incredible pic!

    Stay safe,


    By Blogger kateykakes, at 19:57  

  • Good Pic! I never got a picture of that crap while I was over there. Try to explain to someone what the sand was like and how DEEP it would get.

    Take care and stay safe!


    By Anonymous OIFVet, at 15:40  

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