Monday, September 26, 2005

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Monument 9

Me and My Gunner at the top of the Monument... I am not sure what the significance of this object is. I am 6' tall if this gives you any idea how large this place is. I never realized how big it was till I had to climb to the top and even then it took pictures to point it out to me.


  • Hi
    the object behind you resembles the spirit of the unknown soldier going to heaven, if i am not mistaken.
    and the pole like shape which is not visible in this picture is the spear of the fallen soldier that hit the ground with the flag around it pinned in the ground and the Huge concave shape is the shield of the soldier " imagine when a similar shape but more realistic human size falls fromyour hand it will do some rotation on the floor before becomes toa still position, so there you go that is the shield frozen in time before it stops rotating.

    Ps: i was born there

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03:42  

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