Friday, December 23, 2005

On the move....

Well I am finally done with my mission here. I am just waiting on my ride(s) home for the most part. I am now back with the rest of my company in the BIAP area. My platoon is mostly all in one tent. I am not expecting to be in the States for Christmas anymore. I guess there were some scheduling problems with our flights. I was hoping that if we were there before new years I would be able to get leave and go to NYC... That would have been cool. Probably wont happen now, but I will cross my fingers. Some of the other platoons have been here doing nothing for a few weeks now. They have all been living in this area for a while though so they can show us where everything is. I don't think I will be taking too many trips though since I have to walk everywhere. It was a 20-30 minute walk to get here had someone not stopped to me a ride. That was the first time I rode in a SUV since I was home on leave... I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. You forget what life is like outside this place a little after being here so long. It will be nice to be home.


  • Hello..

    I stumbled over your blog while doing a boyfriend is also in the National Guard and he just returned from Iraq as well..he was there for 19months. Just wanted to say hello and happy to hear to are coming home!! We pray for your safe return!
    God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

    Jacquie in NYC

    By Blogger JD, at 08:55  

  • Bummer! Was so hoping you would at least be in the states by xmas. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe trip home.

    A Tam

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:36  

  • Just Happy..Happy..Happy...that you are finally on your way home! Am praying for a safe trip home to the States! Love-Hugs-and Prayers
    p.s. Just talked with Clay, he said to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe trip home!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14:32  

  • Hey Luke - Merry Christmas! You better find time to see me sometime when you get back!

    Jessica H.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09:11  

  • What a wonderful Christmas're coming home.
    And have a very Happy New Year back here in U.S. of A.
    I'm praying for a safe and speedy trip for you.

    By Blogger Chevy Rose, at 22:55  

  • We are so happy for you - that this mission is finally ending. We will look forward to celebrating with you! A. Rhonda

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18:22  

  • Hi Luke, I was sorry to hear you were not able to be in the States for Christmas. I pray you are on your way soon!!!!! Take care Love A Gayla

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08:30  

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